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assoc counselling services weight loss treatment

    Expert weight loss treatment on the Mornington Peninsula

    assoc counselling services weight loss counselling

    Achieve weight loss through hypnosis with Assoc. Counselling Services

    Dieting may well be successful in the short term but it is never a long-term solution. People undertaking diets often lose weight initially but find that they simply put it back on again. Dieting is based on denying yourself the food you wish to eat and dieters find themselves in a constant battle against their natural desires. At Assoc. Counselling Services we help you to lose the desire itself, through hypnosis.
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    What causes weight problems?

    There are three forms of eating that contribute towards creating weight problems:

    • Eating inappropriate food
    • Eating to excess
    • Eating for psychological reasons (loneliness, boredom, depression etc.)

      Our specially designed hypnosis sessions can help you in all three areas.

      Hypnotherapy to aid weight loss

      At Assoc. Counselling Services, we use a variety of methods to combat weight problems. We use verbal, visual, subliminal and post-hypnotic suggestions along with special techniques such as code words, which help you to cope effectively with stress and other psychological factors that might make you turn to food.

      In addition, we use special brainwave entrainment equipment to aid relaxation and help you to become more receptive to suggestion during hypnosis sessions. We also use an innovative hypnotic gastric lap band program for people who have a considerable amount of weight that they wish to lose.

      If you are totally committed to losing weight and do not have unrealistic expectations, Assoc. Counselling Services can help. In addition to our expert hypnosis sessions, we also teach self-hypnosis to enable you to continue the process on your terms. 

      To learn how we can help you to lose weight through specially designed hypnotherapy sessions,
      call Assoc. Counselling Services today on
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